Lia Tarachansky

New Media, Journalism, Documentary
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Lia Tarachansky is an Israeli filmmaker and the former Israel/Palestine correspondent for The Real News Network(TRNN) where she produced short, documentary-style reports exploring the context behind the news. She has directed several documentaries that tackle different aspects of social justice struggles in Israel/Palestine.


Her 2012 documentary for BBC World profiles the Israeli version of the Occupy Wall Street movement; in 2013 she released ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, a film about Israeli collective denial of the mass displacement of Palestinians in 1948, and in 2015 she released ETHNOCRACY: ISRAEL'S AFRICAN REFUGEES about the Netanyahu government's five-point plan to make Israel a refugee-free nation. Most recently, she directed a short film, OCEAN, about her experience, inheriting the sounds of the 2014 war, which she covered as a journalist, while living in the sights of her new home in Toronto. The film won the Best Short Short award at the 2017 Toronto Short Film Festival and the Best Women in Film award at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival. She is currently working on three films investigating the rise of fascism in Israel, the rise of the theocratic far-right, and the system of impunity in Israel and the USA for Jewish terrorists. As part of her PhD studies at Toronto's York University, Tarachansky is also developing an interactive, New Media project that will integrate Augmented Reality into a de/colonial landscape in Israel/Palestine.


Tarachansky's work is frequently featured in publications such as +972 MagazineMondoweissUSA TodayAl Jazeera, and the Huffington Post. Her journalism was profiled in the renown Max Blumenthal book, Goliath and for her films can be seen at